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Personal Training


- Individual Personal Training - Anamnese / general condition - Nutritional consulting - Nutritional plan - Mental coaching - Rehabilitation / manual stretching tecnics PERSONAL TRAINING -Movement is Freedom - Eat Smart - Think Positive -MOVEMENT IS FREEDOM - Whether your goals are: Lose weight/ gain strenght/ definition / elite athlete.. - I design the right fitness program for you. For all ages, fitness levels and abilities to get them moving in the right way to get the most our of their bodies. Take my hand to feel the progress, buil a toned, flexible and energised body! - EAT SMART - Discover the nutritional formula: It is not a diet, it is a redesign of your eating habits. Food is there to be enjoyed, learn with me the nutritional formula to eat healthy and approach to get great results. - THINK POSITIVE - Live life to your fullest potential . For this journey of tansformation we should give the same importance to this three points. Think better to arrive at a positive approach in life is the key for the success.

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